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        1. Lithium-ion Battery


          Industrial Layout

          Company focus on the R&D, production and sales for high-performance lithium-ion batteries and systems. Through the self-built production lines, mergers and acquisitions and equity participation to accelerate progress to the field of lithium energy storage. Build up industrial ecological chain by constructing the upstream raw materials, power battery systems, electric vehicle operations and battery recycling, so as to create an integrated industry layout.

          Jiawei based in Shenzhen, towards the whole country, relies on the research and manufacture of power battery, to achieve the ecological layout of the entire industrial chain. Jiangsu Solid-state battery base, Huizhou graphene base, Jiangsu lithium material base and other upstream and downstream industrial production bases all have been put into operation.

          R&D Platform

          According to the company's development strategy, the research team has been integrated into the R&D center. By cooperation of the production and research as well as the establishment of a professional research team, R&D center can achieve the tight joint of research and industrialize development. At present, Jiawei's R&D center is consist of laboratory, testing center, industrial research institute and innovation base, which covers the research and development, production, testing, project management and other functions. The total area is up to 10,000 square meters, while the annual R&D costs could reach hundreds of millions of yuan. At the same time, the company actively introduces domestic and foreign advanced research, detection and analysis equipment, with professional R&D and testing capabilities of battery products.


          R&D Team

          Jiawei's core R&D team is consist of the doctors who graduated from the United States MIT, Harvard University, Berkeley University, Tsinghua University and other prestigious universities, and more than 150 research staffs who experienced in materials, electrochemistry, structural design and electronic circuit design. Among them, more than 70% is graduated from the key domestic universities, and the core personnel all have more than 10 years of relevant R&D experience and with strong talent and technical reserves.


          R&D Team


          Master Degree


          Industrial Experts


          Lithium-ion Battery Industry Experience

          Fast Charging Technology
          Temperature Control
          Long cycle Using
          High Energy Density
          High-level Safety
          Positive and negative nanocomposites
          with high electron and ionic conductivity
          are used.Ternary and lithium iron satisfy
          2C quick charge, 3C quick discharge and
          5C instant discharge. Lithium titanate
          meets 16C continuous charge and discharge.
          Electrolytic system maintains higher ionic
          conductivity in a wider temperature range.
          Operating temperature of ternary: -30-60℃
          Operating temperature of lithium Iron: -20-60℃
          Operating temperature of lithium titanate: -40-60℃
          Long Life Cycle
          Lithium iron phosphate reaches 8,000 cycles
          Lithium titanate reaches 25,000 cycles
          The energy density of monomer cell can
          reach more than 230 Wh/kg.
          The energy density of the battery
          module can reach more than 140 Wh/Kg.
          Solid-state lithium-ion batteries successfully pass the tests under national standards, including stretching, acupuncture, extrusion, vibration and short circuit.
          Core Technology

          Main Products

          Lithium-ion Battery

          The company uses a diversified product strategy,
          to carry out a series of research and development
          work in the ‘New Energy Vehicle Power Battery’ field.
          The formation of four main battery system including
          solid-state batteries, ternary batteries, lithium iron
          phosphate batteries and lithium titanate batteries,
          helping Jiawei to access the supporting
          from the domestic customers.

          Graphene Materials

          The company has developed a variety of new graphene materials
          with different specification. The semi-finished graphene powder
          includes oxidized graphite powder, graphene powder and graphene
          slices powder; the finished graphene products contain functional
          slurry and paint, which mainly including Lithium-ion battery graphene
          conductive paste, graphene heat dissipation and anticorrosive
          paste/coating and graphene conductive ink.


          Industry Applications

          EV - Vehicles

          The company produces lithium-ion power battery
          products that can be used in electric passenger cars,
          electric two-wheeled vehicles, tricycles, four-wheeled
          low-speed vehicles, electric buses, special vehicles
          and other models, providing the city with smart
          solutions to the green travel.

          Power Storage Energy

          Jiawei deep plowing into the photovoltaic industry
          for more than 20 years and has established a global
          product selling channel. Relying on the advantages
          of the industrial development, and actively explore
          from the household energy storage to electricity
          network energy storage products, to provide
          the industry with the overall
          intelligent energy solutions.


          7 Days 24 Hours After-sales Service
          Hotline 400-8289-950